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Multi Platform Solutions

Experts in Magneto 1.x & 2, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and other E-Commerce platforms, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. EB Merchant can integrate eCommerce platforms with your ERP and other software systems.

Magento 1.X

Magento 2.0




Custom Solutions

Custom Integrations

When it comes to custom Integrations, EB has you covered. With a custom supplier integration EB can setup your store to automatically pull inventory data from multiple suppliers. EB can also help you setup or integrate ERP, CRM, POS as well as our own interaction management solution Interactify. We can even build custom payment modules & help you add new forms of payment to your store like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and others.

ERP Integration

CRM Integration

POS Integration

Payment Processing Integration

Voice & Chat Integration

Custom Integrations

Theme & Logo Design

Converting potential customers to sales requires more than just good products. EB Merchant's team of designers will help craft a modern and clean design that's consistent with your brand message. EB Merchant provides logo design services, theme customization and new theme creation.

Logo Design

Theme Customization

Theme Development

Mobile UI design


Security Audit

We provide an advanced security audit of the web installation. If it's already compromised, we will analyze the vulnerabilities used to break in and fix them. We will also analyze the installation for possible backdoors and deploy preventive measures necessary to avoid the compromise in the future.

Smart Search

We provide advanced, Elasticsearch-based, search capabilities for a number of platforms, including Magento 1/2, WordPress, and others.

Spelling correction

Fast autocomplete/prefix search

Stemmer(e.g., a search for plural gives the same results as sigular)


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